The RINO Establishment is Destroying the Republican Party

July 19, 2014 in Government, Racism, Tyranny

The Republican Party Leadership is Immitating the Democrat Party

Karl Rove is the founder of American Crossroads PAC and is the architect of the destruction of the Republican Party

The Democrat Party is nothing less than a far left, hard core Socialist party anymore that is bent on destroying the free market and the prosperity of a free, American society. The Republican Party leadership is now trying to make damn sure that the Republicans go the same direction with a Democrat Party Lite principle. One need only look at the Mississippi Senate primary as a perfect example of this. The Democrat Party is a lost cause, but there are still some bright lights in the Republican Party. Yet, the leadership of the Republican party that is beholden to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce that seeks to expand the incestuous relationship between big government and big business, is hell bent on destroying candidates that actually stand on Republican Party principles of a free market, individual liberty, and a restrained, efficient federal government. These RINO, Establishment Republican leaders are even using the loathsome, racist politics that the Democrat Party is so well-known for.

In the Mississippi Senate Primary, the Republican voters were about to get rid of the senile, old Establishment Republican Senator, Thad Cochran. They were about to vote for Chris McDaniel as their candidate for the general election. All the polls were in his favor and the post-election exit polls showed that the majority of Republicans in Mississippi voted for Chris McDaniel. Senate Republican leader, Mitch McConnell was not going to let this happen. He and the rest of the cronies in his PAC, the National Republican Senatorial Committee threw money into ads run by phoney campaign groups like Mississippi Conservatives (which isn’t Conservative) and All Citizens for Mississippi that ran Democrat Party-like racist ads targeted at African Americans that lied saying that Chris McDaniel was going to take away their food stamps and try to keep them from voting. Note that typical Democrat racist mentality of equating African Americans with food stamps and other government dependency programs. Yes, of course, the Democrat Party wants African Americans to be dependent on government programs so that they can continue to own their vote, but the association is part of the racist mentality that perpetuates this modern-day form of Democrat Party run slavery.

Mitch McConnell was not alone, of course, he enlisted some of his Senate cronies, like Bob Corker, Rob Port man, John Cornyn, and Roy Blunt to donate funds from their campaign warchests into this racist political effort. Of course, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce put money into these ads as well as did the architect of the destruction of the Republican Party, Karl Rove from his super PAC American Crossroads. Politicians like these are emulating the worst tactics of the Democrat Party and they are destroying the Republican Party by getting rid of Republicans that actually stand on the party’s principles. The Republican Party will not survive if it stands for nothing and just becomes the Democrat Party Lite. Anyone who wants to be a taker and be a parasite on the taxpayer is just going to vote Democrat anyway. Anyone who believes in personal responsibility, a limited government, and Free Market Capitalism without the horrors of Socialism and Crony Capitalism (basically the same thing), will no longer have an alternative int he Republican Party. As a result, the party will die. Karl Rove, the architect of the destruction of respect for the Bush family is certainly a major player int his destruction and is putting money into every effort to destroy Constitutional Conservatives. Now that regular American people are no longer contributing to the Republican Party leadership and RINO Establishment Republicans, only the Socialism-minded big business types like the U.S. Chamber of Commerce are funding the party. As a result, these cronies run the party now.

We are all going to Remember Mississippi.

America: Imagine a World Without Her

July 12, 2014 in Government, Liberty, The Founding Documents, Tyranny

America: Imagine a World Without Her, the film and book by Dinesh D’Souza

The movie America: Imagine a World without and the accompanying book, by Dinesh D'Souze are both EXCELLENT. Don't be scared of the truth leftists - actually you should be afraid.

Last week I saw the film America: Imagine a World Without Her and found it to be an excellent film with thorough research and an honest, well-illustrated argument about why the United States of America is truly a great country. Having read Dinesh D’Souza’s books, Obama’s America, What’s So Great About America, and The Roots of Obama’s Rage, I knew that Dinesh D’Souza was a great thinker, researcher, and tireless pursuer of the truth. In this most recent film and book release, Dinesh D’Souza shows how he is a far superior filmmaker and thinker than Michael Moore, who concentrates on propaganda and mus-leading viewers through cut and pate re-telling of history and peoples’ statements. Dinesh D’Souza allows some of the America-hating leftists of note say their arguments, completely uncut before he goes through the facts and true American history, illustrating how their propaganda is mis-leading at best and all-out lies in most cases.

Dinesh D’Souza was tireless in his research and shows how people like Naum Chomsky, Bill Ayers, Saul Alinsky, Hillary Clinton, Ward Churchill, and Barack Obama derived their similar points of view in despising the free market and the liberty that the United States of America offers. D’Souza itemizes the list of how the common America-hating principles of the Left grew out of similar sources using different strategies of propaganda. It is much easier to just hate an imperfect, but still great country, than to actually learn the true, factual history of the country and appreciate how the world is truly a better place with the United States of America as being a part of it. After all, all these leftists are hating a country where millions of people are trying to find ways to get in and taut the supped greatness of countries where millions of people are trying to get out. This is only one of many many arguments that Dinesh D’Souza makes, but perhaps, especially right now, it’s probably the most obvious example of how so very wrong the Socialists, Communists, Progressives, and Democrats in general really are.

If one wants to get more details and learn about more of the leftists that are lesser known and whose propaganda is still mindlessly promoted by academia and the media, then the book, America: Imagine a World Without Her the book is a must read.

The American People are Justified in Telling Illegal Immigrants that Demand We Take Care of Them to “GET OUT!”

July 11, 2014 in Globalism, Government, Racism, Society

Illegal Immigrants Who Come Here with Demands Should GET OUT

Illegal immigrant children are flooding across the southern border demanding that the American taxpayer takes care of them.

It is about time that U.S. citizens and legal residents (yes, legal immigrants to exist you know) of all races to disregard the intimidation tactics of the Democrat Party, LULAC, La Raza, and various other left-wing open borders groups and rightfully refuse to be taken advantage of in being forced to subsidize illegal immigrants that these groups are actively trying to import to this country as a voting block that is dependent on government programs paid for by us. The middle class has been smacked around enough by Barack Obama with his tax hikes, increased Obamacare healthcare costs, and increased costs of food and necessities due to his economic policies. In 2012, when Barack Obama was tired of waiting for congress to give amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants living here, he decided to make up his own “Dream Act” unconstitutionally by refusing to enforce immigration laws. As a result, we are being even more flooded than usual with illegal immigrants witht he coordination of the Democrat Party and its left-wing interest groups promoting our welfare state on foreign media. They are calling for this flood of illegal immigrants that is storming our southern border now. As usual, Barack Obama is lying to us telling us that this is a result of not passing his desired Comprehensive Immigration REform. Barack Obama has no intention in securing the southern border, and his unconstitutional policies as President is why our border is being stormed right now.

The left-wing interest groups and the mainstream media is harassing us now, saying that this is a Humanitarian Crisis and that the American people need to be compassionate and help take care of the illegal immigrants who are flooding our borders. With 300,000 illegal immigrants coming across the border to ICE detention centers to be distributed all across the country we have found that about 60,000 of them are unaccompanied children. As a result, we are told that “these are children! You have to take care of children!” why can’t we humanely send them on busses and trains BACK to Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, and Mexico? Why must we take them in and put them on government dependency (which is really taxpayer dependency) and make our already heavy burdens impossible to handle? What is inhumane about saying “No?” Most of these people are not children and damn well know better that we are not somehow obligated to put them above our own people and those who came here legally, according to our laws. Why are illegal immigrants now such highly moral beings? There is nothing moral about coming to our borders, sneaking across, trespassing, and then DEMANDING that we pay for them to have a new life on welfare at our expense? We are told that we need to take care of these people who are “living in the shadows.” I’m sorry, but I didn’t ask anyone to come here illegally. How the hell am I responsible.

Let me be clear, I don’t just hold Barack Obama, the Democrat Party, La Raza, LULOC, and the other elft-wing interest groups responsible for luring these illegal immigrants in. I also hold these illegal immigrants responsible. They know damn well that they are coming here illegally, and they don’t give a crap. They came here to TAKE, and there are nothing less than TAKERS. I feel no obligation to feel sorry for TAKERS.

Glenn Beck Decides to Reward Illegal Immigrants for Sneaking into this Country and Demanding that we Take Care of Them

July 10, 2014 in Government, Society, Spirituality

Glenn Beck Rewards Illegal Immigrants for their Demands

Glenn Beck is more than happy to abndon his supposed "principles" when he decides to change them to keep his melodrama of being a religious leader going.

I really don’t find it surprising in the least that Glenn Beck has decided to poke Constitutional Conservatives int he eye and chastise us for not wanting to reward and welcome the hoards of illegal immigrants that are invading the southern border because of Barack Obama’s open border policy. Glenn Beck has been consistent at one thing – being inconsistent. While he often preaches to his audience that people should stand on principle and not follow people, he has never lived up to his own words. A few years ago, Beck became a Libertarian instead of being a Conservative (after being a Liberal Democrat before that), and has, since then, been a worshiper of Rand Paul. While he would often bash Mitch McConnell for being a progressive, he let Rand Paul off the hook for endorsing him and would always question Ted Cruz, one of the few Constitutional Conservatives out there, as far as being “consistent.” while the Libertarian label is obviously a ploy for Glenn Beck to appear “above it all,” it certainly doesn’t hold water. Beck, while advertising his radio program and his network, The Blaze, as being “non-political” is certainly nothing less than being political. Quite often, they are honest and do expose people to subjects that the left-wing mainstream media would never let people know. Yet, the whole concept of being above it all is really a shallow avenue for anyone to take. At least be honest and state your opinions and be a willing participant in political discussions, especially when you are talking about politics almost all of the time. As for being a Libertarian, I guess it would be correct if one were to think of Rand Paul as a real Libertarian. Rand Paul’s support for Mitch McConnell, call for eliminating voter IDs, and acceptance of open borders WITH a big, centralized welfare state, makes Rand Paul hardly Libertarian. Thus, Glenn Beck’s positions on these issues makes him hardly a Libertarian as well. Why can’t he be honest with the people and just admit that he is a Jeb Bush, Mitch McConnell, Rand Paul RINO?

It is not surprising at all that Glenn Beck has taken the position of being a welcoming, loving “God-like” entity that just wants to take care of people. He’s a multimillionaire who earned $90,000,000.00 last year alone. He can afford to. Yet, he has made his money off of trying to be one of the few lonely outposts of principles, Constitutional Conservatives out there, or at least a principled Libertarian at any rate. Beck’s radio program is usually just a meandering sermon about things that lead to no point whatsoever, but his saving grace for Constitutional Conservatives was that he usually was close to being in favor of common sense and the U.S. Constitution. while he would frequently stray in his priest-like banterings s, he would usually come home to something principled. I used to think that Glenn Beck would be better off as a priest or pastor of the Mormon Church, since that is his religion, but even they actually have principles that they stand by.

What is so confusing, however, is how Beck was so willing on his radio program today to just totally insult and alienate Constitutional Conservatives, who listen to him because there are only a few other sources out there. Not only did he decide in his typical, almost-crying, melodramatic fashion that he was going to take truck loads of provisions AND TOYS down to the illegal immigrants sneaking across the border, but he also made it clear that anyone who disagreed with him (other than not HAVING to donate) were just keeping up a political battle that was tearing the country apart. Who started the political battle Glenn? It was Barack Obama and the Democrat Party by illegally violating the Constitution in just opening the doors to illegal immigrants and ADVERTISING on Central American media our social welfare programs for them to come and take from. So now we are the bad guys? Note to Glenn, a lot of us are just barely scraping by and CANNOT AFFORD THIS! What is going to happen as a result of your rewarding these people? WE ARE GOING TO GET A LOT MORE OF THEM! At that point, you will be done with your show for the issue and you will let the rest of us taxpaying citizens deal with having to afford this mess. When you talk about the humanity of the situation, where is your concern for the morality of people who come across our borders ILLEGALLY with the purpose of TAKING from us and DEMANDING that we take care of them? Don’t we ahve enough people in this country already to take care of?

who will be left to believe in your wandering morality and principles? Who will be left willing to buy your boks? Who will be left to listen to your radio shows or pay for your failing cable network? Looks like The Blaze is going to go down in a blaze of ineptitude from its pitiful, non-principled, scatter-brained leader? Hell, you may have to start writing your own books for a start.

Joe Garcia Calls for the Federal Government to Send Bus Loads of Illegal Immigrants to Miami

July 8, 2014 in Florida Politics, Government, Racism, Society

Joe Garcia’s Idea of Immigration Reform is to Have Bus Loads of Illegal Immigrants Sent to Miami, FL

Congressman Joe Garcia has calle don the federal government to send bus loads of illegal immigrants from the border states to Miami where the Florida taxpayer can pay for them.

Well, I heard it today on WIOD during one of their commercial news breaks. Congressman Joe Garcia has called upon the Federal government to send bus loads of illegal immigrants to Miami, FL.

When I saw that news reports were coming out about tens of thousands of illegal immigrants were being sent by Homeland Security on buses to various places all across the country, I knew that our Representative, Joe Garcia, was going to get in on this chance to have South Florida flooded with illegal immigrants. The outspoken Communist, Joe Garcia, has been an advocate for so-called Immigration Reform for some time now, and it has been painfully obvious that he has no concern for improving the legal immigration system, but is rather, wholeheartedly in favor of amnesty for illegal immigrants and open borders. Now, the count is up to about 300,000 illegal immigrants since April have come across the border, flooding border cities and towns and making it impossible for these localities to support them. Since Barack Obama has declared open borders and the Democrat Party and its supporting ethnic front groups, La Raza and LULAC have been advertising our government dependency programs on Central American television, radio, and other forms of media, tens of thousands of illegal immigrant children have been flooding our borders along with the usual tens of thousands of non-children illegal immigrants. With the CDC, Homeland Security, and ICE not being able to handle this flood with so many federal facilities being overcrowded, the Federal government has decided to use Greyhound buses to send the illegal immigrants all over the country. Our horrible Representative, Joe Garcia, has now decided that he wants the Federal government to send some of these buses here to South Florida. These buses have been just dumping these hoards of people in the streets and letting them go and fend for themselves. This is because the Democrat Party wants huge populations of poor, homeless people just wondering around in communities across the country so that they can call on the American people to pay for them to be housed and taken care of. As a result, the middle class gets even more burdened with taxes than it already has, and the Democrats get millions of people dependent on government that will be sure Democrat voters once they get the so-called Immigration Reform that they want, which is nothing less than pure amnesty.

Joe Garcia is using the tired old rhetoric of the left-wing propagandist. He is labeling anyone who is against illegal immigration or against having tens of thousands of illegal immigrants just dumped in our streets xenophobes. There is no acceptance of an argument for legal immigration or some ordered immigration, because the Democrat Party is on a mission to flood society with an underclass to crush the taxpayer and the middle class. Using the Cloward and Piven strategy, the Democrat Party intends to overwhelm the welfare state so that the economy gets crushed and the government thus steps in and takes over all aspects of society. Joe Garcia has been quoted saying that it would be better if government was the sole employer of all people. This is in line with his Communist ideology. He feels safe in pushing his agenda now that the Democrat Party has made the propaganda pervasive that one cannot be against illegal immigration without being racist. Joe Garcia feels that since most of the people in South Florida are of a Latin American heritage, that they will invite having tens of thousands of illegal immigrants to pay for with open arms. Yet, what remains to be seen is if the Hispanic and Latin American population of South Florida (that are mostly legal immigrants and taxpayers) really want to take on a whole population of taxpayer dependents that they will have to pay for and support. This question will be answered when South Florida decides whether or not they are stupid enough to re-elect Joe Garcia.

Independence Day is a Day to Celebrate the Independence of the People Not the Dependence of the People

July 4, 2014 in Government, Liberty, The Founding Documents, Tyranny

Independence vs. Dependence


In the times in which we live, we see a great disagreement in the way in which the United States of America should go forward. One vision is in line with the vision of the United States’ founding, the path toward independence and liberty for the people vs. the progressive collective and the dependence of the people upon a Socialist government. If one were to look at the true history of the founding of this country, one would know that the majority of the framers of the U.S. Constitution were non-slave owners who were trying to separate the new country from the old world vision of conquest, in which the practice of conquering land and resources and enslaving the conquered was a regular practice going back throughout all the ages of “civilization” until that time. While the founders failed to abolish slavery at the framing of the Constitution, they did succeed in creating a country with ta vision the founding principles would lead to the abolition of slavery as the practice within its borders. After the Civil War, in which 300,000 union soldiers lost their lives fighting for the union of a country in which slavery would be abolished and after the great Civil Rights work of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in the 60s, the Untied States of America has come so close to realizing the vision set down from the founders and the vision of enlightened souls throughout history. At this point at which independence for the people is so well within sight and attainable, the battle of independence vs. dependence is now being waged with the left-wing progressives on the side of dependency.

Whether we call the left-wing political movement Socialist, Progressive, Statist, the Social Justice Movement, Communist, or just the Democrat Party, since they have given themselves so many different names for the sake of propaganda, we are talking about what is essentially the same thing, a collectivist movement in which government is in complete control using government dependency is the rule of the day. We can see after 5 1/2 years of Barack Housseing Obama, Jr.’s presidency that his vision completely contrasts with the vision of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Martin Luther King, Jr. fought for independence for African Americas during the Civil Rights movement of the 1960s. He fought for the equality of opportunity so that Adrian Americans could use their own equal abilities and intellects to achieve as much as the European Americans could. Barack Obama does the opposite, he fights for the expansion of government to create a so-called Social Justice, which is not true justice, but the Socialist vision of justice. In this vision, government controls the earnings of the people and the overall distribution of wealth with the promise of it being equal despite one’s efforts, choices, or degree of work. Excluded from this equality are the governing masterminds and their cronies who all will do well so long as they tow the party line and are useful to the government’s need for promoting itself and preserving its power and control. This is why, n hard core s Socialist and Communist countries, there is a large population of impoverished (but equal) people with a small, but affluent ruling class.

Whether it is King George, III or the Democrat Party and their cronies ruling over a Socialist society makes little difference. The country is still under tyranny, in which the people cannot write their own life story through their own efforts in the free market. Government controls the market and selects the winners and losers. In order to get to a state of complete government control, Saul Alinsky disciples like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, need to crush the middle class. An independent middle class has the resources to not need government and have a free will to vote and engage in the politics that they choose. If the middle class is subjugated to being dependent on the government for its survival, are thus beholden and easily controlled by the government which allows them to earn a living. In the time that Barack Obama has been president, the average household income has plummeted by $2,500.00 per month, the labor participation rate has fallen to historical lows, and health insurance premiums and healthcare costs have skyrocketed. The percentage of people who are dependent on welfare, food stamps, section 8 housing, unemployment insurance, and other forms of government dependency are at an all-time high. All forms of dependency are truly taxpayer dependency, since a shrinking number of working Americans who pay taxes are paying for an ever soaring number of Americans who are forms of government dependency. Obamacare has led to such high health insurance premiums that people int he middle class are now having to dependent on tax subsidies, or other taxpayers in order to afford the bills.

If these realities weren’t enough, Barack Obama’s made-up Dream Act, which allows illegal immigrants under the age of 35 to be put on a pathway to citizenship has resulted in a border crisis in which tens of thousands of children and young adults are illegally streaming across a southern border the Barack Obama refuses to secure. This is in addition to regular half of a million illegal immigrants coming into the country without Barack Obama’s intended rush to the border by children from Central America. In this way, Barack Obama is following the Cloward and Piven strategy. This is a strategy developed by two academics in which the welfare state of the country gets over-burdened with too many people for the taxpayer to pay for. At this point,t he government will step in and take complete control.

So, which do you prefer to celebrate, Independence Day or Dependence Day?

In the Democrat Language, “Women’s Access to Healthcare” Means Everyone Else Pays for My Birth Control and Abortion Pills

July 2, 2014 in Announcements

The Democrat Meaning for “Women’s Access to Healthcare”

In the Democrat language, "women's access to healthcare" means everyone else pays for my abortion and birth control pills.

In hearing all the Democrat rants about the recent Supreme Court decision that allowed companies with owners who have religious values to not have to pay for women’s abortions and abortion pills, I remember the whole Republican War on Women mantra from the 2012 presidential campaign. Well, it’s another election year, and the Democrat Party is pulling out its time-tested strategies again. At that time, along with a few others, I spoke up about some things that a lot of people weren’t talking about. It was true and obvious that the Democrats were looking to capture women voters, but more than that, young women voters. Whenever the Democrat Party talks about women’s healthcare, the are always talking about something dealing with sex, either contraceptives or abortion. while heart disease is the leading cause of death for women as well as men, the Democrat Party is not arguing for free blood pressure or beta blocker medication for women, or men for that matter. Instead, the Democrat Party really wants contraceptives (when bought by women – not men) to be free and abortion to be free. Of course, nothing is ever free. The people who pay are those who pay for the insurance plans, or really, everyone who pays health insurance premiums since the cost of this coverage is embedded in the insurance companies’ premiums that they charge. So really, above and beyond any other medication for any human being, the most important thing that needs to be absolutely free is contraceptives and abortions for women. Funny how the Democrat Party only thinks of women as sex objects.

So, companies like Hobby Lobby that was involved int he recent Supreme Court decision that are owned by people with religious convictions stood up and said that they don’t want to pay for insurance policies that include 4 out of 20 Obama care-required “contraceptives.” These 4 required “contraceptives” are the ones, like abortion pills, that prevent pregnancy by rejecting an already fertilized egg cell. The Catholic Church also had a problem with this, but Barack Obama gave them a way out of it, so he could keep the Democrat Party’s ownership of the Catholic vote. Basically he made it so that insurance companies would have to take the expense and not forward the increased premiums on the religious institution itself. Now, this doesn’t make a hell of a lot of sense since the insurance companies are obviously going to jack up their premiums in general to pay for what Barack Obama and the Democrats want to be free. Still, Obama left it so entities like Hobby Lobby couldn’t even seek a fake way out like the Catholic Church could. He wanted them to eat the costs themselves. Now, the only thing that has changed is that companies do not need to offer these policies that cover abortion drugs. Hobby Lobby still covers the 16 other contraceptives that do not kill an already fertilized egg cell. Yet, the Democrats do not like that. They want everyone to be forced to pay for policies that offer abortion pills.

The Democrats, however, do not want to say it this way. They try to hide the true circumstances and speak in generalities, like “the Supreme Court is denying women access to healthcare.” So, in this circumstance, access to healthcare means that someone else pays for it. Of course, the very same women can go and buy whatever contraceptives or abortion pills that they want. So, really, they are not denied access. They are denied having someone with religious convictions that are against abortion directly paying for it. When it is all said and done, we are all paying for it, since Obamacare has increase health insurance premiums for this and many other reasons. Just as they do with the public sector unions, the Democrat Party is making all of society pay for a voting block that they want to make sure turns out for them. It’s a shame what the feminist movement has become. they are fighting to have free abortions and contraceptives. I thought we were supposed to think of women as something more than sex objects? Well, Sandra Fluke, the Democrat who was instrumental in bringing this whole issue up, saying that her contraceptive and abortion pill expenses were getting to expensive for her to pay for and she wanted the rest of society to subsidize her. I personally don’t really believe her. How many men are willing to touch that screeching harpy? Hillary Clinton has continued her presidential campaign/book tour by adding her 2 cents, saying the same exact thing that every other Democrat politician is saying.

How about this for an idea. Let insurance companies offer the extra coverage to women who are willing to pay for it. Or, women who want it can actually go out and pay for contraceptives or abortions on their own. How about the couples that are having sex, like many of us do, just pay for their own contraception. Wear a damn condom! Why don’t we stop it witht eh women’s healthcare crap about this since, if these Democrats were serious about it, would start arguing for heart disease medication being covered since that is the leading cause of death in women. I guess, according to the Democrat Party language, I am being denied healthcare because I have to pay for my own blood pressure medication which now, under my Obama care-compliant health insurance plan, is fully out-of-pocket. What about the women who are past the age of menopause? What about Hillary Clinton herself? She’s way too old for having a pregnancy. Hmmm? None of these questions are relevant because the whole idea is to get young women to think of themselves as dependent on the government for contraceptives and abortion pills since they are obviously supposed to be having lots of sex and shouldn’t actually have to take responsibility for their own actions. That’s what it is all about. The Democrat Party wants young women to be nothing more than government-dependent mattresses.

Barack Obama and Immigration Reform

July 1, 2014 in Government, Racism, Tyranny

What Immigration Reform Means to Barack Obama

To Barack Obama, immigration reform means to take in as many illegal immigrants as possible, get them dependent on government programs, and get them voting ASAP.

Barack Obama, our Liar in Chief, took the the podium today in the Rose Garden at the White House to talk at us. As usual, he spewed more propaganda and lies. He told us what the Democrat Party has been warning about for some months now. According to Obama and the Democrats, since the House of Representatives hasn’t acted in giving him an immigration reform bill that does what he wants, he is going to “fix” our broken immigration system on his own. Yet, if he wanted to be honest to any degree whatsoever, he would have taken responsibility for breaking the immigration system that we had by going around congress as the lawmaking body in the government and enacting his own “laws” unconstitutionally. Barack Obama and the Democrat Party are responsible for the humanitarian crisis on our Southern border right now. Through Barack Obama’s unconstitutional actions in enforcing his so-called Dream Act, allowing any illegal immigrant under the age of 35 to have immunity from being deported and be put on a pathway to citizenship that are responsible for tens of thousands of children (50,000+ last count) to come streaming across the southern border looking for amnesty. Now, the southern border states are flooded with children and are spending millions of dollars trying to take care of them. At the same time, Eric Holder, Obama’s Attorney General, has sent hundreds of lawyers down to defend the children and get them on a pathway to citizenship.

Barack Obama is calling for $2 billion of our taxpayer dollars to be paid toward dealing witht eh situation. Dealing with the situation, to Barack Obama, means bringing the children’s families in, giving them housing, and putting them on a pathway to citizenship. The obvious end result for Barack Obama and the Democrat Party is to get these new government dependents voting as soon as possible, with the aim that they will vote Democrat since the Democrats are forcing us, the taxpayers, to pay for them. As usual, the Democrat Party is using government dependency as a way to maintain power and overwhelm those who actually pay taxes in the voting booth. At the same time, the Democrat Party gets close to achieving the aims of the Cloward and Piven strategy, which is a philosophy that overwhelming the welfare state is a way to break a country financially so that the government can take over.

Still, those of us who do not want to be paying so much in taxes just pay an ever growing amount of government dependents to vote for Democrats to maintain power, are called xenophobes or racists. The leftists that launch this attack are , of course, using the strategy for intimidation to make us shut up or as a classification to make people not want to hear us. I believe, however, that pretty damn soon, people are going to start waking up to this scam being perpetrated on us by the Democrat Party and start asking, “What’s wrong with legal immigration?” That’s the point that the Democrat Party and its cluster of interest groups likes to ignore. We actually do have legal processes for immigration. No country can stand with open borders AND a simultaneous big, centralized welfare state. More and more, Latinos and Hispanics will ask themselves why the hell they have to pay such high taxes just to have people that they don’t know and have no relation to supported on the Democrat Party plantation. According tot he Democrat Party, Latin Americans and Hispanics only care about illegal immigration.

It is also high time that people who are Republicans reject the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and their desire to just benefit on cheap labor from illegal immigration. They’re in a losing struggle anyway. The Democrat Party will make sure that the illegal immigrants who come in don’t work and are slaves tot he Democrat Party. The humane solution is to secure the southern border so that we do not continue to have a humanitarian crisis over and over and over again.