How Much Longer Can the Working Class Shoulder the Burden of an Out of Control Government and its Dependents?

September 18, 2014 in Government, Mainstream Media, Society, Tyranny

The Working Class in America is Carrying a Great Burden on its Shoulders

How much longer can the working class shoulder the burden of an out of control government and its dependents?

We live in an age where politics is everywhere and our society is flooded with the greed of Socialism. The politicians crave more and more power as well as more and more wealth and demand that more and more impoverished people flood the country so that the middle class can pay more and more burdensome taxes to take care of those dependent on the government. Government Dependency seems to be a virtue these days, and the desire for one to at least maintain being in the middle class is chided as being greedy and without compassion. We are told to give more and more, while others are encouraged to take more and more. While the Democrat Party shouts that it stands for the middle class, the middle class only suffers under their Socialism, as our earnings go down, our work hours become more limited, our healthcare costs go up, prices of food and energy go up, and the tax burden grows even larger. As they claim to be fighting for the middle class, they open the borders and advocate for more and more dependents to flood the country. We know who will be paying their way, the taxpayers, as always. While the Democrats get their votes, the middle class gets their bills.

Those of us who are active in trying to draw attention to this are struggling to find some time, outside of work, in order to try to engage in some activism. Yet, we can only do so little as we work 2-3 part-time jobs, struggling to make ends meet. Obamacare has raised our health insurance premiums and reduced our working hours to try to pay for these higher costs. Yet those who are on government dependency have all the time in the world to protest, shout, and demand more from those of us who are already shouldering their burdens. We are told that the immigration system needs reform. The kind of reform that it needs is to have the immigration laws enforced and to have the Federal government and some state governments stop rewarding illegal immigration over legal immigration. We are called racists for our logic. The kind of reform that the Democrat Party and the RINO wing of the Republican Party want is already happening. They want to flood this country with more people who are accustomed to living int he third world, because that is exactly where this country is going. The middle class is shrinking as Barack Obama’s trickle-up poverty continues. With a national debt of $17.7 trillion, and the social programs $100 trillion in debt, The Democrats and the RINO Republicans have decided to grab up all the money that they can while it is still possible. For it is becoming more and more inevitable now, the United Socialist States of America is on the road to becoming a third world country.

Those of us in the working class are working too hard and too many hours to resist this. We are the ones holding the system up. What happens when we decide to shrug? Happy Constitution Day, what’s left of it, that is.

Florida’s 26th Congressional District – Ed MacDougall is the Only Candidate Who Seems to be a True Republican

August 20, 2014 in Florida Politics, Government

Ed MacDougall is My Choice to Go Up Against Joe Garcia

Both Joe Martinez and Carlos Curbelo are Republicans in Name Only and are bad choices for Florida's 26th Congressional District Republican Primary

In a district that contains a great deal of Miami-Dade County, it is truly a sad day when our representative in the U.S. House of Representatives is a man like Joe Garcia, who quite brazenly states that “Communism works,” and has been engaged in voting for and pushing policy that embodies that spirit of tyranny and out-of-control government. With his involvement in election fraud in 2012 (when he was elected to this office) to his decision to have bus loads of illegal immigrants shipped from the Southern border to South Florida to be paid for by the taxpayers, it is quite clear that Joe Garcia is Barack Obama’s kind of left-wing, thug politician. What’s truly sad is that the he represents Miami, where many different people from Cuban Americans to Venezuelans have LEGALLY fled their countries due to the reign of Communism, the same type of Communism that the Democrat Party is now inflicting upon this nation. In the Republican primary, we get to choose who we want to go up against the Communist, Joe Garcia. I still believe in voting for the candidate who is most aligned with the Republican Party principles of a limited, efficient Federal government, liberty for the individual person, fiscal sanity, strong national defense, and allowing the free market to flourish outside of the heavy hand of the government. It has been a long road of figuring out who I believe the best candidate is, and I have found that candidate to be Ed MacDougall.

Republicans have been dealing with a lot of inter-party disagreement between Constitutional Conservatives, and Establishment Republicans. The Constitutional Conservatives believe in standing on the Republican Party platform, while the Establishment Republicans believe in growing government and existing as the Democrat Party Lite, when there really is no need for a second Democrat Party, one’s more than enough. The Establishment Republicans are the ones who are well established in Washington, DC or in various regions and localities throughout the country. They try to control who the candidates are that get elected, by manipulating the voters to vote for who is the most “electable,” when that usually ends up being a crony politician who is looking out for his or her own opportunities to acquire power and money through the abuse of his or her position in government. You know, kind of like how the Democrats do, a practice that they have basically perfected, as they have established control over the unelected bureaucracy in the country. These Republicans are called RINOs because they are Republicans in Name Only. One of their biggest donors is the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, who supports their campaigns as well as the national party’s war chest. Right now, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is looking to promote illegal immigration through the provision of amnesty or a “pathway to citizenship” for illegal immigrants in the country. They see these people as low-wage workers that they can take advantage of of. When you offer amnesty, you get more illegal immigrants coming across the border to “live in the shadows “as they call it and thus, become willing workers at low wages. The Democrat Party sees the same imitative as a benefit for them. They want to get as many impoverished people as they can coming across the border so that they can addict them to government programs and thus, OWN THEIR VOTE. Basically, illegal immigrants are seen as pawns by two different groups. And yet, we are told this is the humane thing to do.

This current issue has really driven up the stakes in Republican elections. Those who believe int eh rule of law believe in an orderly, legal immigration process with the allowance for an asylum status for those who are escaping repressive regimes, such as Cuban Americans. These relationships must and should be established through the passage of law. It should not be established as Barack Obama has been doing. He opens the doors to ANYONE who wants to come without any order whatsoever. He and his Democrat Party also make sure that all of us, Latinos included pay for them out of our taxes. With the Republican Party getting in on this with the Democrats, Constitutional Conservatives have been justifiably upset. Yet, this is just another issue among many, including out of control spending that has been furthered along by a speaker of the House like Jon Boehner, who is more than happy to keep spending us into oblivion so long as we listen to him complain about it as he continues to vote for it. This divide in the party has been made worse as the RINOs have been attacking true Republicans with the same venom as the Democrats and the same tactics as were used in Mississippi, when the tired old RINO Thad Cochran engaged the usual RINO establishment in labeling his opponent in the primary as a RACIST, just as the Democrats do to Republicans all the time.

So, after all this background, one can see how it is important to carefully pick a Republican candidate in the primary. In this case, I found it time consuming, because I have 20/300 vision, read slow, and because no one actually posted “I’m a RINO” on their page. they also don’t post “I am willing to wheel and deal with campaign contributors to give them what they want for money.” Here’s my breakdown of why I find Ed MacDougall to be the only true Republican in this race. It would be a hollow victory to replace Joe Garcia with someone who will vote like him half of the time.

  • Carlos Curbelo – Carlos Curbelo is on the Miami-Dade Public School Board, but he supports Common Core, which is the most extensive reach in history by the Federal government in controlling the curriculum of the public schools all across the country. It takes decision-making power away from parents, local school boards, and PTAs. It puts power into the hands of the Department of Education and its monstrous bureaucracy. Apparently, Carlos Curbelo doesn’t think much of himself as a member of the school board, but that’s no excuse from trying to inflict that punishment on all the public schools across the country to have them dictated to by the Federal governments as far as their curriculum is concerned from K-12. The Democrat Party, being the modern-day Communist Party, is all in favor of it, and so are the RINO Republicanisms and the real left-wing RINOs at that. Carlos Curbelo has been endorsed by Mitt Romney, and promises to be another loser RINO who was just as successful as Mitt Romney was in losing to a Democrat who was drowning in scandal and a bad economy. Nobody is calling out for Common Core other than left-wing politicians, but somehow Carlos Curbelo will think it will help him win Federal takeover that Joe Garcia is also in favor of. Here’s his pathetic Miami Herald article on why he wants Common Core.
  • Joe Martinez – I was really concerned about Joe Martinez because he has spent so long in Miami politics, which is notorious for scandal and crony deals by politicians. REAL Republicans believe in the free market, but the RINOs believe in making deals with business to further their campaigns or personal income in exchange for favoritism or money at the taxpayer’s expense. This type of Crony Capitalism is a lot like Socialism, where the government controls the markets overall. In other words, it’s Joe Garcia Lite. Joe Garcia wants the government to be the ONLY employer of people. He said as much in an internet conference call. Apparently Joe Martinez isn’t so against crony capitalism either, according tot his article in the New Times. If he really didn’t support the taxpayer having to pay for the New Marlins’ stadium construction, then why did he vote for this firm to get a no-bid contract to do the work? Obviously it costs the tax payer more if contractors don’t have to compete over a deal, rather than one contractor getting a no-bid contract IMMEDIATELY! If one factors in the history of crony deals that this contractor has been involved in with Democrats and RINOs alike, Joe Martinez doesn’t look good. No wonder Joe lost didn’t bother running for country Commissioner again in 2012. Do you think Joe Garcia’s people will have trouble digging up dirt on Joe Martinez?
  • Lorenzo Palomares-Starbuck – I liked this guy at first, because he made reading about his position very easy on his website. He has a “platform” tab with a list of his position on each issue. It took me a while to get through them, though, so it took me a bit to see that they were really as detailed and specific as I thought. They were just wordy and convoluted. Yet, I was also finding myself to still be unsure of his position after reading them. In any case, I checked out his news section and his events section. His more recent schedule is quite light, and I was wondering if this guy was really trying or not, especially since not many people ever heard of him, even at this point, one week before the election. Then I found that he was endorsed by the AFL-CIO and was proud of it. The AFL-CIO is one of the biggest and baddest labor unions in the country, and they are certainly not supporters of the free market. They aren’t even good supporters of their members, they are their own power-hungry entity that is constantly looking for favors from politicians, and almost always, left-wing Democrat politicians. Joe Garcia was endorsed by them, and I’m sure he will be again after the primary is over and it’s time for the general election. I don’t know what Lorenzo Palomares-Starbuck is all about, but it sure isn’t good. I have a hunch that he is a decoy candidate to take votes away from one of the others. I’m not sure who, and I don’t care. He doesn’t deserve a Republican vote., period.

Ed MacDougall

Well, I haven’t been able to find anything bad about him other than joke ads or mud-throwing that does not even call into question any of his service as Mayor of cutler Bay. while it took me a bit to read through his different things and look at videos and the like, I was able to get a pretty good feel for his candidacy. I wish there were more videos on his page of public speeches on his positions. I guess it’s because I like lists and I have bad vision, so I prefer audio or video. But, he isn’t exactly running for web designer. He is a strong “repeal” vote for Obamacare, rather than a “tweak” vote like Carlos Curbelo. This is another area in which Carlos Curbelo is really carrying the RINO banner. His views on national defense and the need for better care for our veterans are the right ones. His stance on cutting the Federal budget SIGNIFICANTLY as opposed to the other candidates’ weaker stance on this is also very good. There is only one problem that I can see with Ed MacDougall.

Will a gringo get elected in the Republican primary, much less the general election? We’ll see about the primary very soon. I personally don’t see the benefit in going along with identity politics, because I believe that the ideas and the positions of the person is the most important thing. Yet, we will have to see if Miami-Dade county is prepared to be open-minded enough to vote for a gringo or not.

Florida’s 26th Congressional District – If Carlos Curbelo Wins the Republican Primary, He will Lose to Joe Garcia Like Mitt Romney Lost to Barack Obama

August 13, 2014 in Florida Politics, Government

RINO Carlos Curbelo Gets Endorsed by RINO Mitt Romney

If elected, Carlos Curbelo will be a losing RINO candidate, just like his buddy, Mitt Romney.

The Republicans in Name Only, the Establishment Republicans, ahve already selected their candidate in the Republican Primary for Florida’s 26th Congressional District. The outspoken, far-left Communist, Joe Garcia, has got to go. The Republican Congressional Committee, pretty much run by Jon Boehner, has endorsed and primed the war chest of their pick, Carlos Curbelo. As the RINOs have been doing of late, they have been trying to select the Republican primary candidates for the Republican voters by financing their pick. Is it any surprise that the RINO loser of the 2012 Presidential Campaign, Mitt Romney, would endorse Common Core Carlos Curbelo? Curbelo is a strong supporter of Common Core, the the Federal government takeover of the public school system, taking away a lot of decision power of local school boards and putting most of the curriculum defining power in the hands of the Federal government, for a one-size-fits-all public school system across the country with an eye oward big-government indoctrination. While he is a member of the Miami-Dade Public School Board, Carlos Curbelo actually supports Federalizing the public schools, amazing. I guess he felt he was ineffective ont he public school board. Since Curbelo supports an educational system that is the same as Joe Garcia’s vision, Republicans in Florida’s 26th Congressional District will basically be electing left-wing lite to replace left-wing extreme. The problem is, this losing strategy didn’t work for the Republicans in the 2012 Presidential Campaign, and it is likely going to have the same result int he general election against Joe Garcia. Like Barack Obama, Joe Garcia will be re-elected because the Republicans want to run a semi-Democrat candidate against the real Democrat candidate.

Basically, Democrats will stay with their far-left Communist, Joe Garcia. Independents who are open-minded certainly don’t want to elect someone who is like Joe Garcia half the time, what’s the point? They are also not exactly cheering for a Federal government takeover of the public school systems across the country. In addition to this, true Republicans are hardly going to be motivated to vote for Democrat Lite, especially after the Republican Party’s national leadership shoved their pick down our throats. As a result, Carlos Curbelo will do poorly on Republican votes just like Mitt Romney did. Even though he won the independent votes handily, Mitt Romney lost a lot of Republican votes that even John McCain got the election before. Post-election statistics show that if Mitt Romney had maintained as many Republican votes as John McCain had received, he would have won the election. The same thing will most likely happen again if Common j Core Carlos Curbelo wins the Republican Primary. He will end up being a loser RINO just like Mitt Romney.

UPDATE 08/19/2014 – Ed MacDougall is the Only Candidate Worth Voting for of the Bunch

I put in this update because I had originally written about some of my thought processes in weeding through the other candidates. I decided to put this update in since that decision has now been made. The next post is concerned with the reasoning behind my final selection, Ed MacDougall. I had originally been open to Lorenzo Palomares-Starbuck, until I found out that he was endorsed by the AFL-CIO and is proud of it. I was originally just wresting and philosophizing about his platform, but that means nothing when he makes decisions like that. Overall, due to his lack of hard campaigning or making the efforts that the other candidates are making, I think he’s a decoy candidate and his platform was really just made up to look like he was really there for a reason other than drawing votes away from other candidates. The Democrats may be trying to drain the support of the other 3 candidates. Perhaps the Republican establishment is trying to drain the support of the 3 candidates who aren’t Carlos Curbelo, Jon Boehner’s future lap dog (if he gets elected). Whatever the case is, one would have to be nuts to be a Republican and vote for Lorenzo Palomares-Starbuck. I’m sorry that I took a week to figure it out, but I’ve been very busy lately, BECAUSE I WORK FOR A LIVINBG.

Here’s the original story about the endorsement at Naked Politics.

Florida District 26 Republican Primary – Don’t Blindly Vote for Carlos Curbelo, the Common Core Supporter

August 6, 2014 in Announcements, Florida Politics

Carlos Curbelo is a Common Core Supporter

Florida Republicans in Disctrict 26 should not blindly support Carlos Curbelo, he is a strong Common Core Supporter.

Those of us who believe in the U.S. Constitution and live in Florida’s 26th Congressional District are just chomping at the bit to get rid of Congressman Joe Garcia aka Commie Joe. He is an outspoken Communist, a strong supporter of Barack Obama’s lawlessness, an open borders and amnesty guy who has the Federal government delivering bus loads of illegal immigrants from the border to Miami-Dade County, a gutter politician who was plagued with an election fraud scandal in which his campaign manager was convicted of election fraud, a big spending politician who thinks that the taxpayers’ money is his own to promote himself, and just about every other horrible left-wing thing that one could think of. It is truly a sad day when Miami-Dade County is represented at the Federal level by a Cuban American who supports Communism, the same tyranny his family fled from. With so much reason to get rid of this loathsome politician, it is tempting to just go with the Republican candidate who has been awarded the most money from the Republican Congressional Committee. Yet, we Constitutional Conservatives who really believe int eh Republican Party platform are well aware of the fact that the RINO Establishment Republicans that lead the party at the Federal level are perfectly fine with a big, bloated, out-of-control Federal government so long as they are in power. We don’t agree. We believe int eh actual Republican Party values of a limited Federal government that respects the role of the states and that respects the authority of the American people. We believe in Free Market Capitalism nd not the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and Crony Capitalism that is very close to Socialism that the Republican Party leadership is into these days. The primary election is not just our chance to elect who we want to run against Joe Garcia, but who we MOST AGREE WITH. Not only that, replacing one big-government left-winger with a slightly more moderate substitute is a hollow victory that still leads to the same results.

It is with great frustration that I have to mention to you, if you don’t already know, that Carlos Curbelo is a strong supporter of Common Core, and thus, a RINO, Republican in Name Only. Common Core is the Federal standard that is being strongly pushed by the Democrat Party as a whole and some elements int he Republican Party that puts the curriculum of public schools across the country firmly int he hands of the Federal government. While states and localities are given some options, the overall framework and purpose of Common Core is set down from the Federal government and can thus, BE CHANGED AND EXPANDED by the Federal government. This Common Core threat would take the decision making power away from parents and local school boards and give a small portion of them tot he states and the overwhelming portion of decision-making power of curriculum in the hands of the Department of Education, now ruled by Barack Obama’s hack, Arne Duncan, who is also trying to take over college and university education. Carlos Curbelo’s main selling point is that he served on the Miami-Dade County Public School Board. This is hardly a good thing since the Miami-Dade County Public School system is horrible in its achievement rankings. At the same time, anyone who spends time working for the public schools that thinks that we need more intervention and regulations from the centralized, Federal government needs a serious head examination. while this fits the description of Democrats int eh first place, anyone who calls himself a Republican is obviously a RINO. The Department of Education and the continual increases in funding and power tot he Department of Education has only led to a decline int he outcomes of education in the public schools.

Here is a link to Carlos Curbelo’s statements about how Republicans should all rally in support of Common Core in The Miami Herald. After reading it, it is obviously just an attempt to mention Thomas Jefferson to try and gain some Conservative props and then an argument for why he should be elected even though he supports Common Core, rather than a description of an honest assessment of Common Core itself. He makes the same old arguments that Bob Dole, John McCain, and Mitt Romney made. He argues that Republicans need to win elections and supporting left-wing agendas, like Common Core, is a way to do that. Other than left-wing politicians, do you see anyone in the country just crying out for more Federal government control over the public schools? Is this a winning agenda for Republicans? Hell no! Other than left-wingers, who are going to vote Democrat anyway, no one is arguing for Common Core – besides the RINOs. There is no strong outcry for it from the American people or independents. How the hell can he say that it is a winning issue? Carlos Curbelo stands a good chance of ending up like the other “only ones who can win” listed above, a LOSER. In other words, he will lose a lot of Re[publican support, and int he general election, the Democrats will come home to the Democrat candidate, while Carlos Curbelo will split and turn away half of his base. As a result, there is no good reason to vote for Carlos Curbelo.

UPDATE 8/15/2014 – Joe Martinez – NOT GOOD

I have found Joe Martinez to be an absolutely horrible candidate, in my opinion. I recently received two comments from someone who seemed to be a Joe Martinez, online reputation internet intimidator. This “Attorney Carmero,” as he/she styles himself/herself, pointed out that Joe Martinez did not vote for the funding of Marlins stadium by the taxpayers as I had indicated, due to a New Times article that I had read. In fact, it turns out that Joe Martinez had done worse than I had initially thought, when I re-read the article. I re-read the article and it was true that Joe Martinez did not vote for the Marlins stadium funding as I had originally indicated, but as one can see, it is quite easy to see why I got that misinterpretation, because as the author of the article points out, it really seemed like Joe Martinez voted no on the funding because those Miami-Dade Commissioners who wanted to make the taxpayers pay for Marlins’ new stadium did not need his vote (so he voted “no” to throw off his constituents). The author makes this claim, because right after the vote, Joe Martinez voted for a no-bid contract to be awarded to the contractor, Hunt-Moss, which the article indicated as having a long record of greasing the palms of corrupt Democrats and RINOs for special no-bid contracts. By giving a no-big contract to Hunt-Moss, Joe Martinez and the other Commissioners were awarding a contract to the firm without them having to compete in price with other companies. In other words, they got paid more at the taxpayers’ expense than they would have been paid if the Commissioners didn’t award them a no-bid contract and had made them compete price-wise with other contractors. Here is a link to the New Time article that I am speaking of. Now, if any “Attorney Carmero” wants to come after me and try to intimidate me for commenting on an ORIGINAL SOURCE, rather than going after the ORIGINAL SOURCE, then I am more than happy to entertain such action. I believe the Joe Martinez will definitely get the kind of press he wants during election season as he has goons attacking a Conservative Republican blogger who is just a member of the public reading a NEWSPAPJER ARTICLE and taking it at face value.

“Attorney Carmero” has got me really inspired now to do some more investigating of Joe Martinez and posting about what I read from original published sources and clearly stating what is opinion and what is from the original source that I am referencing. In that way, there is no breaking of the law, and the internet intimidator can only accomplish making things worse for Joe Martinez. You got me inspired “Attorney Carmero!” You have no idea.

UPDATE 8/19/2014 – Lorenzo Palomares-Starbuck – NOT GOOD

Originally, I was intrigued by Lorenzo Palomares-Starbuck because he had a clear platform tab on his website with his position on individual issues. I found them to be good at first, until I had the time to read them in more depth. My first pass through the candidates was done in an effort to try and quickly eliminate obvious bad choices. This worked in that Carlos Curbelo and Joe Martinez were pretty easy to figure out and AXE from the list of possibilities. They are both RINOS. It took some more detailed reading of Lorenzo Palomares-Starbuck’s positions to find that they look ok at first glance, but get fairly incoherent after delving into them. They leave a lot of questions and while seemingly detailed, they where really wordy about being vague. What really made him a non-option for me was that he has very little going on as far as events go and sparse news. The news he does post really doesn’t show him being active about campaigning or giving speeches, position statements, and the like. When you get to the summer, it’s sparse and some of the news clips look unimportant. One news clip stood out to me and made him a BAD CHOICE. He was endorsed by the AFL-CIO, accepted it and is proud of it. The AFL-CIO is one of the big labor unions that does not look out for its workers o much as look out for its own growth, filling its own coffers, increasing its own power, and controlling campaigns, usually for the Democrat Party. Joe Garcia, the Communist that we are hoping to get rid of was endorsed by the AFL-CIO, and probably will be again in the general election. I don’t know if Palomares-Starbuck is a decoy candidate or what, but this guy is not good.

Last Man Standing – Ed MacDougall

Well, after all of the research, it looks like Ed MacDougall is the last man standing. I have not found anything negative about him. He has the right position for a REAL Republican on the issues. He supports the repeal of Obamacare, he supports getting the budget balanced (tough to do, but if candidates don’t even mention trying, guess what they’re going to do – SPEND). He has strong positions on foreign policy and in standing up for our veterans. He is not a proponent of big government like Carlos Curbelo nor has he shown evidence of working out crony deals like Joe Martinez. He carries the positions of a true Constitutional Conservative. The only negative that I see about him is that he is a gringo and it will be tough for him to get elected with the unwritten requirement that only a Latino can get elected in the greater Miami area. Well, in this case, I’d rather vote for a non-RINO who would act like a Democrat while having an R behind his name than vote for someone more “ethnically acceptable” to the area. At least Ed MacDougall seems to be a fighter and has been active in campaigning and promoting himself. He seems to be hitting his stride. Carlos Curbelo is just comfortable letting the National Republican Party carry him through as the choice of the Establishment Machine. Joe Martinez is just riding the Miami Republican Machine. Ed MacDougall is his own machine.

Luis Gutierrez and the Democrat Racial Hatred Machine are On the Attack

August 5, 2014 in Globalism, Government, Racism, Tyranny

Luis Gutierrez Reminds Us Why the Democrat Party is the Party of Hate

The Hate-Filled Democrat Racist, Luis Gutierrez Condemns All Americans as Racists Who Don't Believe they Should Have to Pay for the Hundreds of Thousands of Illegal Immigrants Flooding our Southern Border.

The U.S. taxpayers of all races and ethnicities are faced with a storm that threatens to crush the middle class, especially those of us in the lower middle class that are barely making ends meet. Since April, about 300,000 new illegal immigrants have come across the southern border. About 60,000 – 90,000 of these illegal immigrants are being called children. The Democrat Party, under the leadership of Barack Obama, and the cheer leading of his Socialist colleagues, such as Luis Gutierrez and Jose Serrano, have basically thrown the doors wide open by promising the incoming illegal immigrants that they will be able to say, be given legal status, and receive benefits paid for by the taxpayer. This is why the flood of illegal immigrants has been so huge, because they are being told that they are going to be able to live off of the American taxpayer and be granted all the goodies that the Democrats want to give them at our expense. Both the children and the adults, which actually make up the majority of the takers despite how the mainstream media tries to get us to think that they are all children, are being distributed by bussed and airplanes all across the United States to homes of supposed family members (also illegal), foster homes (for the children), and hotels (paid for by the taxpayers). Some of us don’t exactly feel charitable to those who come illegally with their hands out, DEMANDING that we pay for their needs and comfort. Those of us who want the border to be secured, however, have been called xenophobic and racist by the Democrat politicians for a long time. Funny how this label is applied to those of us who are of white, European descent, while people of all races and ethnicities do not want this banquet of taking.

Last week, the Democrat Party has ramped up their hate-filled declaration of racism as they hope to fill the hearts and minds of Latinos and Hispanics with hatred. The hate-filled racist, Luis Gutierrez, who has been promoting the Reconquista movement (the re-conquering of North America by Hispanics even though North America was not the original homeland of Hispanics). There are recordings of him, yelling at the top of his lungs, that those of us who do not support illegal immigration are racists who want Hispanic and Latino children to die. He was joined by his Democrat Party colleagues, Jose Serrano and Sheila Jackson-Lee, and “Commie Joe” Joe Garcia (among others) in this tirade. These Democrat speakers, who are obviously lying and trying to stir up the propaganda of hate, were speaking with such venom and anger int heir voices as they were trying to stir up hatred of white Americans by Hispanics and Latinos. As usual, the Democrat Party, which constantly tries to promote itself as a party of racial acceptance, was doing what is usually does, promoting a lie and racial and ethnic hatred in order to achieve their political aims. The aim of the Democrat Party is to import as many impoverished people as they possibly can to be put on welfare and other forms of government dependency (taxpayer dependency), so that they have a solid voting block for Democrat Party. The Democrat Party believes in enslaving people to dependency and thus, their election in order to hand out the fruits of other peoples’ labor (those of us who work and pay taxes). What is the obvious result of this whole strategy is the crushing of the middle class, especially the lower middle class. We will be so burdened with taxes and so heavily controlled with accusations of being racist for disagreeing with this evil strategy, that we will be easily controlled by the government, which will inevitably be ruled solely or in permanent majority position by the Democrat Party.

As the economy continues to suffer and head back into recession, it will be obvious that the Democrats will need this large population (numbering in the 12 million range at the lowest estimate) will be necessary in that they are already used to living in a third world country. Those of us in the middle class, and especially the lower middle class, will be subjugated from having a vote or a say as we get smashed down into government dependency and third world poverty. In other words, it will be the true results of Socialism as history has been showing us. It is just being expedited by illegal immigration. In fact, we will look more and more like the countries that the illegal immigrants are fleeing from. We will become another third world, basically single-party, Socialist dictatorship with mass amounts of poverty and a very wealthy, government ruling class that is unaffected by the poverty that they are condemning the people of this country to live under.

If only we would be allowed to put forward our honest case. We cannot afford this. We can humanely be hoenst with the illegal immigrants that what they are doing is illegal and that we do not owe them everything that they want on their own demanding. We can humanely send them back to their country of origin, and perhaps hold these countries’ leaders responsible for THEIR OWN economies and treatment of their people. But, instead, the Democrat Party wants to do what the third world dictators did to their own countries. They want to live as greedy, power-craving, elite rulers over the people who are impoverished and heavily controlled. Get ready for the United States of America to lose its soul, its prosperity, and its hope.

Barack Obama and the Democrat Party Are Supporters of Hamas and the Islamonazi Movement

August 1, 2014 in Globalism, Government, Liberty, Mainstream Media, Religion, Terrorism, Tyranny

Barack Obama and the Democrats are Cheering for Hamas Over Israel

Barack Obama and the Democrats support the terrorist group Hamas and condemn the nation of Israel. They support those who target civilians and attack those who are trying to avoid civilian casualties.

For a long time now I have known that the Democrat Party, Liberals, Socialists, Progressives, or whatever they choose to call themselves build their political agenda on a foundation of lies. Obamacare, for example, was supposed to let us keep the health insurance plans that we liked, reduce healthcare costs, and expand patient coverage. It has reduced coverage, made health insurance plans cost more, tossed us off the plans that we like, and has slammed us with part-time jobs instead of full-time jobs and less part-time hours being allowed. In other words, we earn less money to pay are far higher healthcare costs. This is why Barack Obama has unconstitutionally changed the law, delaying some of Obamacare’s worst requirements until after the 2014 and 2016 elections, to help keep Democrats in office. Yet, I still had a tiny inkling that perhaps they honestly thought what they were doing would make things better, and due to their incompetence and blind ideology, they just ended up crushing the middle class rather than uplifting the middle class. Even though Barack Obama was a hopeless liar, I thought that perhaps some of the left thought it would work out for the best anyway and they were just short-sided on how socialism has always been a failure throughout history. I didn’t really believe that they could be so blindly good, but I was giving it a chance. Yet, it is absolutely clear to me know that the left-wing has no concern for the people of this country, they only care for their own greed for power. With how Barack Obama has single-highhandedly thrown the border doors wide open, inviting in hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants that we, the American taxpayers have to pay for, I knew there was no mistake, he meant for it to happen. And now that I see the left-wing in the media and politics throwing all their concern behind the terrorist group Hamas and condemning the nation of Israel, I know full-well, that the American left definitely have EVIL in their hearts.

Let it be clear. Hamas is a terrorist organization and our own government labels them this way. Hamas has continually, for decades now, been launching rockets that are targeted at Israel’s civilian population, just as the Islamonazis who destroyed the twin towers and killed thousands of Americans were targeting innocent civilians. Israel has been trying to avoid civilian casualties as much as possible by announcing and firing warning shots before their missile attacks on the places where Hamas fired their rockets from. Barack Obama, John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, and all the liberals who are condemning Israel right now are all fully aware of the fact that Hamas has been launching its rockets and storing its rockets in civilian locations, including U.N. Schools in the Gaza Strip. These left-wing politicians and the left-wing media at CNN, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, and CBS all know full-well that Israel would not be hitting civilians with their missiles if it wasn’t for Hamas purposely using Palestinians as shield to be killed for their own propaganda. Yet,t eh Democrats int he media and in office still support Hamas as being the poor little victims who CONTINUALLY START these conflicts by launching missiles targeted at Israeli civilians. This leftist, mainstream media of ours continually makes out that the Palestinians are victims of Israel, when they are truly victims of Hamas. They do this KNOWINGLY! They also know full-well that these poor Palestinians voted Hamas as their rulers because of their hatred for Israel. Thye know full-well that Hamas and the other Islamonazi movements are based on antisemitism that was born in the second world war when the Grand Mufti of Palestinian was alligned with Adolf Hitler.

It is very very clear, that these people on the left who are in politics and the media hate Israel and are willing to throw their support behind a terrorist organization and against a freedom-loving, Democratic country, that is our one and only trusted ally int he Middle East. They are downright evil! Barack Obama condemns Israel, but did he ever condemn the ISIS terrorist state that is taking over the Middle East and murdering Christians and Jews? Nope. He is fine with that.

Barack Obama anad Arne Duncan Want to Decide What Colleges and Universities Students are Allowed to Go To

July 31, 2014 in Academia and Education, Government, Liberty, Society, Tyranny

Barack Obama and the Democrats are Targeting Colleges and Universities that They Want to Destroy

Barack Obama and Arne Duncan want to decide what colleges and universities are allowed to exist.

Do you remember when the Democrats and Barack Obama forced Obamacare on us with a strictly party-line vote? Well, that very same piece of legislation also contained more legislation, including the Federal Government’s takeover of the Student Loans. Just as the Federal Government now dictates what health insurance policies are allowed to exist, the Federal Government is the only way to btain a student loan and the government defines all of the terms and conditions. Because of the rising cost of education, the Federal Government now has a very powerful hand in the whole field of higher education. In fact, Barack Obama and his Secretary of the Department of Education, Arne Duncan, now have implemented regulations that are set to target certain colleges an universities for destruction and thereby choose which colleges and universities are allowed to exist and that students are allowed to go to. Apparently, running all of the local public schools int he country from Washington, DC with Common Core is not enough for the rulers in Washington, DC. They now wish to take over higher education to ruin educational choice there too.

The step that has already been put forward by the Department of Education as a regulation is to put extremely high restrictions on schools that are “for-profit” institutions in being repaid student loans. This regulation is innocently called Gainful Employment and is is being described by the Obama Administration as a way to discourage institutions from graduating students who have difficulty finding employment and still benefiting from Federal Student Loans (which are the only ones that exist anymore since the Federal Government took over student loans int heir entirety). Some might say that this is good, in that it will make sure that schools teach students what they need to get a job. Well, if it is so good, then why is the Federal Government not putting the same requirements on all colleges and universities? It is because the regulation is designed to eliminate all “for-profit” institutions, because they are the only ones that are held to a standard that is set so extremely high that it is unreasonable, especially with the economy and the job market that Barack Obama and the Democrat Party have laid upon this nation.

What is even more evil about this regulation is the actual distinction of what is “for-profit” and what is “non for-profit.” Some might just say off-hand that somehow being a “non for-profit” institution is somehow more noble. Well, “non for-profit” does not mean that it is a free charity or anything. Non for-profit simply means that the institution as a whole does not make a profit, but certainly, these traditional, “non for-profit” universities and colleges out there do make a lot of money for CERTAIN PEOPLE within their hierarchy. Many of these “non for-profit” institutions are traditional, private universities and colleges, in fact, that have boards of trustees who regularly earn millions in salary like any big corporate board of directors. Since there are no shareholders, however, they can still call themselves “non for-profit.” I taught at a private, “non for-profit” University for 11 years. The place was a money-making machine for the administrators, deans, executives, trustees, and full-time professors. It also has a former Clinton Administration Secretary as its President, which, obviously, gives it a lot of protection. It is a nationally-known, big football team school that costs undergraduate students at least $160,000.00 in tuition alone to get an undergraduate degree. It has probably even gone up from that by now. So, this little “non for-profit” operation gets a pass on standards that other colleges and universities must meet in order to be meeting the Gainful Employment requirements. This “non for-profit” university has a hell of a lot of money, campuses, hospitals, medical centers, auditoriums, and other properties all over South Florida and a hell of a lot of millionaires and billionaires profiting from it. Yet, they are an innocent little “non for-profit.” There is no doubt why this university is a frequent campaign stopping point for Democrat politicians and only allows leftists to move up the ladder there. It is a very political school that will, no doubt, serve The Democrat Party’s totalitarian, left-wing ambitions very well.

I also teach at a public college that is funded by the state and local taxpayers, like me. This is why their tuition can be lower, because all of the taxpayers are paying tuition to the institution all of their lives whether they go there or not. At this school, politics is everywhere. Every election season, I receive emails from the Academic Dean and the School President telling me how to vote on the issues. I often receive letters in the mailbox there telling me which candidate I should vote for. Anyone who is not an outspoken, card-carrying Democrat should keep themselves quite there, and I do. My blog is my only outlet. The school basically serves the Democrat Party and the AFT (teacher’s union), which is why part-time faculty are paid so poorly there. The full-time faculty hardly cares about the students except for a few noble teachers. They mostly care about themselves and political actions to increase taxes so they can get paid more (these are the full-time professors who get paid 4 times as much as the part-time faculty for the same amount of work). It is a very miserable place to be teaching part-time, and in fact, it is a very miserable place in general. Trying to find a student that is happy with their education there is a really hard thing to do. This king of college, of course, does not need to meet any standards from the Department of Education, because they are a a good, government-run political indoctrination camp. One thing that I find heartening is how the students seem to be fed up witht he left-wing indoctrination that gets crammed down their throats in most of their classes, whether it has anything to do with the subject or not.

Finally, my third part-time teaching position is for one of those evil, “for-profit” institutions. Yes, us part-time educators in higher education need to sometimes take 3 part-time positions to make ends meet, especially witht he hour restrictions pushed on us by Obamacare, which the institutions listed above promoted heavily, I might add. Well, this third institution is the most positive-minded of the three. We have far happier students there, and we teach courses that are more focused on their tended career paths. We teach what is required by law for general education, but put a lot of effort in teaching coursework that prepares them for careers. This mission dates back long before this regulation ever came out. It stands to reason that those institutions who are operating as honest businesses would need to focus on providing a good education that helps students find careers, because they would lose students if they didn’t. They are dependent on the free market and their success. The public college that I teach for relies on the fact that they give free education to those who are eligible for financial aid. In other words, the bill is passed off directly to the taxpayer. If they had to honestly compete based on their quality of education, they would be out of business in a year. Yet, these “for-profit” institutions that need to provide a good service to surivive are the ones that are being attacked by the Obama Administration and the Democrat Party. The colleagues that I have there are from a variety of political beliefs, and really, no one ever really talks about political issues much there. In any case, being an arts school, the liberal perspective tends to be larger, but many of these liberals are now getting a wake-up call as they see their party trying to destroy their school, where they are happy and the students are happy.

As usual, Barack Obama, in his pursuit of government control over everything, is not concerned with happiness or peoples choices in education, healthcare, nor many other things. The “non for-profit” schools better watch out too. If they don’t tow the party line strict enough, they’ll be next! What about the educational choice of the students? Can’t they be trusted to choose what school they want to go to? Since the government now took over student loans, don’t they owe it to the students to allow them to choose where they want to use the loan? If the government wants to put standards on schools, shouldn’t they put them on all the schools instead of targeting certain ones? All the answers to these questions should be yes. Of course, with Barack Obama and the Democrat Party as they are these days, you never find them coming up with the right anwers to anything.

The RINO Establishment is Destroying the Republican Party

July 19, 2014 in Government, Racism, Tyranny

The Republican Party Leadership is Immitating the Democrat Party

Karl Rove is the founder of American Crossroads PAC and is the architect of the destruction of the Republican Party

The Democrat Party is nothing less than a far left, hard core Socialist party anymore that is bent on destroying the free market and the prosperity of a free, American society. The Republican Party leadership is now trying to make damn sure that the Republicans go the same direction with a Democrat Party Lite principle. One need only look at the Mississippi Senate primary as a perfect example of this. The Democrat Party is a lost cause, but there are still some bright lights in the Republican Party. Yet, the leadership of the Republican party that is beholden to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce that seeks to expand the incestuous relationship between big government and big business, is hell bent on destroying candidates that actually stand on Republican Party principles of a free market, individual liberty, and a restrained, efficient federal government. These RINO, Establishment Republican leaders are even using the loathsome, racist politics that the Democrat Party is so well-known for.

In the Mississippi Senate Primary, the Republican voters were about to get rid of the senile, old Establishment Republican Senator, Thad Cochran. They were about to vote for Chris McDaniel as their candidate for the general election. All the polls were in his favor and the post-election exit polls showed that the majority of Republicans in Mississippi voted for Chris McDaniel. Senate Republican leader, Mitch McConnell was not going to let this happen. He and the rest of the cronies in his PAC, the National Republican Senatorial Committee threw money into ads run by phoney campaign groups like Mississippi Conservatives (which isn’t Conservative) and All Citizens for Mississippi that ran Democrat Party-like racist ads targeted at African Americans that lied saying that Chris McDaniel was going to take away their food stamps and try to keep them from voting. Note that typical Democrat racist mentality of equating African Americans with food stamps and other government dependency programs. Yes, of course, the Democrat Party wants African Americans to be dependent on government programs so that they can continue to own their vote, but the association is part of the racist mentality that perpetuates this modern-day form of Democrat Party run slavery.

Mitch McConnell was not alone, of course, he enlisted some of his Senate cronies, like Bob Corker, Rob Port man, John Cornyn, and Roy Blunt to donate funds from their campaign warchests into this racist political effort. Of course, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce put money into these ads as well as did the architect of the destruction of the Republican Party, Karl Rove from his super PAC American Crossroads. Politicians like these are emulating the worst tactics of the Democrat Party and they are destroying the Republican Party by getting rid of Republicans that actually stand on the party’s principles. The Republican Party will not survive if it stands for nothing and just becomes the Democrat Party Lite. Anyone who wants to be a taker and be a parasite on the taxpayer is just going to vote Democrat anyway. Anyone who believes in personal responsibility, a limited government, and Free Market Capitalism without the horrors of Socialism and Crony Capitalism (basically the same thing), will no longer have an alternative int he Republican Party. As a result, the party will die. Karl Rove, the architect of the destruction of respect for the Bush family is certainly a major player int his destruction and is putting money into every effort to destroy Constitutional Conservatives. Now that regular American people are no longer contributing to the Republican Party leadership and RINO Establishment Republicans, only the Socialism-minded big business types like the U.S. Chamber of Commerce are funding the party. As a result, these cronies run the party now.

We are all going to Remember Mississippi.