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Wayfarer's Wurm Adventures S01E01 - Welcome to My Deed


In this first episode of the video series, Wayfarer introduces the viewers to the deed he created on his Wurm Unlimited server. Wurm Unlimited is a fantasy RPG MMO that can be played as a single player as well as multi-player game on one's home computer or online hosting service. Wayfarer created this creative mode world on his home computer and then uploaded it to a hosting service so that he can invite others on and bring the adventure to a whole new level.

Wayfarer takes the viewer on a tour of his deed, showing off his animals, his buildings, his mine, and the resources on the deed. The deed has a public area for new players to start off, get their skills up, and eventually move off on their own. New players are accepted via special invitation after they introduce themselves through the comment section on the YouTube Channel.

In the upcoming videos, Wayfarer will provide some Wurm Unlimited tutorials so people can see if they are interested in playing the game either on their own, other servers, or on The Wayfarer Project. It is a very fulfilling game and this series is designed to expose people to this wonderful game that often gets overlooked.

This series is being hosted on the Wayfarer's Wurm Adventures page indexed under the Adventures page.

2018-04-08 - The Re-Launch of The Wayfarer Project

Lawrence W. Moore announces the re-launch of The Wayfarer Project and the initiation of a new series, The Wayfarer Project Vlog. This series will contain all of the interests that The Wayfarer Project embodies plus announcements about music releases, new videos, and other assorted things. The Wayfarer Project is dedicated to the concept of the life journey, and the quest we are all undertaking by living our lives. It touches on philosophy, spirituality, and especially, creativity.

The creative spirit within us is the unique gift that we have to offer the universe. As we our individual beings individual experiences form unique perspectives, our creativity is an expression of this. Our creative endeavors are where we can be truly honest with ourselves and others about our experiences. Whether one engages is creative writing, visual art, music, or dance, we are channeling ourselves, from our own unique perspectives into our work.