The Working Taxpayers are Being Crushed with a Heavy Burden to Carry and the Collapse is Coming Soon

April 17, 2014 in Government, Society, Tyranny

The Number of Working Taxpayers is Shrinking Fast While the Number of Government Dependents is Growing Fast

The number of people who work and pay taxes to support soviety is shrinking and the number of people who don't work and take from society is growing. The collapse is coming.

The government statistics came out today concerning the number of working taxpayers versus the number of government dependents, and the numbers look bleak. On the day after the deadline for filing Federal Income Taxes, we discover from the government’s own numbers that we have 86 million people in the United States are working taxpayers. In a country of just over 300 million people, that is less than a third of the society. What is even more staggering is that 148 million people are government dependents. That figure is nearly half of the U.S. population. It doesn’t take a math genius to figure out that far fewer people are supporting a far larger number of people. In actuality, there is no such thing as government dependency. The government is funded by the taxpayers, so it is better to say that these 148 million people are on taxpayer dependency. Is it any wonder that the fiscal operating debt of the United States is $17.3 trillion? It grew from $10.6 trillion to $17.3 trillion under the 5 years of Barack Obama’s presidency. This doesn’t even include the debts that the unfunded liabilities of Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid have grown. These number over $100 trillion.

Is it any wonder that our taxes are staggeringly high? Is it any wonder that Obamacare, or the Affordable Care Act, as it is called, has raised health insurance premiums significantly. It is true that a lot of those who are on Social Security are either senior citizens or severely disabled people, but the skyrocketing growth of Social Security claims cannot be only those who are truly deserving of it. We constantly hear the rallying cry from the Obama Administration that we have turned the corner on the revering economy and that we are truly recovering now. At the same time, Barack Obama constantly runs around saying how we need to extend Federal Unemployment Insurance. Sorry Bam Bam, but you can’t have it both ways. We can’t be in a strong recovery if we need to extend unemployment benefits constantly, as we have done for the past few years. The welfare state in the United States has grown from being a safety net into being a hammock for parasites that want to live off of the working taxpayers. Our welfare programs are designed to be programs that maintain dependency for the purpose of acquiring Democrat votes. If you start working and earning over a certain threshold, the whole benefit goes away. As a result, people avoid trying to get work or improve their income. If the benefit were gradually reduced as earnings became more and more, a person could gradually work their way up and out of dependence. Yet, this does not work for the model that the Democrat Party has for their election strategies. The Democrat Party needs a consistent dependency class to depend on for votes.

Well, the time of reckoning is coming soon. We, the working taxpayers are struggling under a burden that is crushing us. Many of the taxes that we have to pay are not obvious. In addition to our actual taxes, we see rising prices in food, fuel, utilities, and just about everything. Much of this has to do with Obamacare. As businesses need to pay more for health insurance premiums, those costs get passed along to us. As the Federal government taxes utility companies more to “save the Earth,” we pay more for our utilities. As the government taxes farmers more to “save the Earth,” we pay more for food. While Barack Obama goes around selling “income equality,” we should be telling him to take less money from us and stop trying to blame others for our struggles. How long can this last? How much more of a debt burden can we put on future generations? There is a point at which the numbers will be too much and the burden will be too much. What then? Then it gets scary The leftists who got us to this point will have to crack down hard on our society to keep us from rising up. No wonder the Social Security office has been purchasing millions of shells of ammunition. Take a look at the Cloward and Piven Strategy. This is exactly what is happening.

Meditation Mandalas

April 4, 2014 in Spirituality

Wayfarer Meditation Mandalas

Wayfarer Meditation Mandalas are moving picture meditations with hypnotic music to help one achieve a meditative state with audio and video stimulation.

The Wayfarer Mandalas series is a series of video and music pieces that are mandalas for meditation. These mandalas are designed to help one achieve a quiet mental state that is conducive for meditation. By watching the video and listening to the music in a quiet place, one can help quiet the mind as well as focus it. The music is intended to help one relax and focus, without developing a busy mental state. The video also aids in accomplishing the same mental state through visual information. Each mandala has some more specific aesthetics that help in certain focused states of meditation.


YouTube Preview Image

The Nomad wanders from area to area in order to sustain his life and that of his family. The traveling life is a difficult one, full of challenges, but it is also full of opportunities. One needs to place faith in one’s self in order to survive this way and prosper. This meditation reaches the inside of the viewer/listener and stimulates one’s drive and integrity to push onward in difficult times.


Special Dedication: This piece is dedicated to my musical soulmate and life partner, Liza Seigido

YouTube Preview Image

Ring is a mandala that is designed for basic focus and achieving a state that is connected with both nature and the imagination at the same time. It is designed to combine the abstract world of dreams and thoughts that are creative and unlimited by the natural world with elements of nature and especially the elements of Earth and Air.

The Obama Administration Celebrates 7.1 Million People Enrolled in Obamacare

April 2, 2014 in Government, Mainstream Media, Society, Tyranny

The Obama Administration Celebrates Achieving Their own goal of 7 Million Enrolled in Obamacare According to Their Own Statistics

What a surprise. According to the Obama Administration, THEIR OWN statistics show that they met THEIR OWN goal of 7 Million People enrolled in Obamacare's first enrollment period.

It’s amazing, isn’t it? The Obama Administration has reached their own selected goal of 7 million people enrolled in Obamacare, according to their own statistics that they provide. Who would have thought that they would set a goal that they could reach through statistics that they make up? Nevertheless, the Obama Administration and the Democrat Party had a great celebration on April Fool’s Day. Every day is April Fool’s Day with the Obamacare Scam now being law. According to Barack Obama, 7.1 million people have enrolled for the so-called Affordable Care Act during the first open enrollment period. Of course, during Obama’s victory speech this afternoon, he did not mention the 6.2 million people so far who have lost their health insurance due to Obamacare. Now, every health insurance policy must meet the Unaffordable Care Act’s requirements for coverage. In other words, the federal government writes the health insurance policies that the insurance companies offer. All other policies, whether you had it before or not are now illegal. Barack Obama calls these policies “substandard.” It’s funny how most people who lost their healthcare policies due to Obamacare say that they WERE receiving more coverage at a lower price. Well, the simple heart of the matter is that the Obamacare Scam was not about improving healthcare. It was about controlling healthcare, which the federal government now does.

Another statistic that is not being talked about is the statistic that Barack Obama and the Democrats were giving us before Obamacare was passed. They were telling us constantly that there were 46.6 million people who did not have healthcare coverage. Well, it looks like, according to their own campaign statistics, the Democrat Party and the Obama Administration have fallen well short of covering the amount of people that THEY SAID did not have healthcare coverage. Well, they just ignore that now, and the mainstream media is more than happy to ignore it as well. After all, the mainstream media works for the Democrat Party, and has for some time now.

In reality, Obamacare is nothing more than a scam. Basically, the government has added hundreds of offices and tens of thousands of new government workers, in both Health and Human Services (HHS) and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). These new government employees are all unionized, so a good chunk of their salary goes to union dues that eventually gets funneled by the unions, in campaigns tot he Democrat Party. In addition, Obamacare has also enlisted tens of thousands of “navigators” to supposedly help people enroll in Obamacare. These navigators are paid by the federal government to do work as navigators,. These people largely come from and are still employed by the Democrat Party’s favorite interest groups, whether those interest groups have anything to do with healthcare or not. Such groups include the NAACP, the SEIU, the UAW, and many other unions who, once gain, will funnel their increased workers’ salaries through dues money straight tot he Democrat Party.

Despite what the Liar in Chief says, we can also see our increased health insurance premiums, increased health insurance co-pays, increased health insurance deductibles, and decreased coverage options. Just know that the majority of the extra money that you are being taxed for Obamacare and are having to pay in healthcare costs is going straight to the Democrat Party.

Two New Episodes of Wayfarer Farming

April 1, 2014 in Liberty, Science, Society, Spirituality, Tyranny

Two New Information-Packed Episodes of Wayfarer Farming

Wayfarer Farming is about gorwing food in an organic way, utilizing the conditions that one has. In this case, the conditions are a backyard patio.

There are two new episodes of Wayfarer Farming that are packed with information about home patio gardening. The spring season is going strong In Miami, FL, and we are getting our summer crop going. We discuss a number of important considerations, including the use of mulch, providing light in shady areas, and a continued search for organic pest control.

Wayfarer Farming – Episode 004 – Pureseline: The Edible Weed

YouTube Preview Image

We did a walk around our community lake in the suburbs and came across some purseline, which is an edible weed that grows just about everywhere. We decided to share this little-known fact with you and show you how our home patio garden has benefitted from adding purseline to our crops. We show you how to identify the weed and how to recognize when it is flowering and when it is about to go to seed.

Wayfarer Farming – Episode 003 – A Walk Through of the Home Patio Garden

YouTube Preview Image

This episode is a walk-through episode that shows what advances have been going on in the home patio garden. There is more information presented about the Back to Eden style of gardening and evaluation of the different crops that we have been growing this season thus far. We are also showing some issues that we are dealing with, including the search for organic pesticide techniques as well as dealing with shady areas in the patio and providing enough light tot he plants.

Silence – Quieting the Internal Verbal Dialogue

March 22, 2014 in Spirituality

Silence – Quieting the Internal Verbal Dialogue

Achieving inner silence is the key to effective meditation.

Seeing how creating space or silence in one’s conscious mind is the key to meditation and to allowing the divine to enter, one will inevitably find that silencing the mind’s chatter, or quieting the internal verbal dialogue is essential to effective meditation. This is a very difficult task to do! If we pay attention to our minds, we notice that we are constantly internally talking or thinking to ourselves. These thoughts tend to be sporadic and scattered, until we focus ont hem, and we pursue thinking about a subject in more detail. Trying to force the mind to be silent is usually a losing cause. Usually the best approach is to allow the mind to speak a bit, but then allow it to stop by not following up on the thought or focusing on it. If one just becomes a passive witness to these thoughts, they often become sporadic, short, and pretty soon, quiet. Then one can allow silence to naturally enter. At this point, it is often very easy to fall asleep if one is comfortable. Many practice meditation in slightly uncomfortable positions in order to keep this from happening. If one prefers comfortable positions, then one needs to will one’s self to stay awake without actively thinking and stirring up the internal verbal dialogue again. this can be done with plenty of practice.

To deal with obstacles to meditation, I have also used background sounds that I have recorded and assembled into meditation experiences. These sounds help to soothe the mind, exist in the background, and maintain a waking experience for the mind to receive in order to stay awake, but still be soothed by so that the internal dialogue does not get stimulated. I am going to continue posting my meditation aids under this topic and on the Wayfarer Music page as more and more are released.

Wayfarer Meditations – Chakra Stimulator Meditations

Wayfarer Meditations is an album of 3 chakra stimulator meditations to help energize the chakras.

The Wayfarer Meditations album has three 20 minute long chakra stimulator meditations. The chakras are energy centers within the non-physical body that relate and interact with the physical body. These energy centers affect the flow of our spiritual energy throughout our non-physical body and also affects the healthy flow of bodily chemistry and health in the physical body. I designed these stimulators in an effort to make my chakra meditations more effective. Because meditation requires that one create space and silence, I find it to be a hindrance to be focusing on the chakras during meditation. Many people use color visualization and thoughts of certain regions of the body as a method to stimulate the chakras. This can certainly work just fine, but it does not help to achieve a meditative state. It is rather, a state of concentrated focus. While this can be very beneficial, just as the practice of yoga is very beneficial, I wanted to also utilize meditation in conjunction with chakra stimulation, in a way that would allow me to sense and realize the existence of the chakras better. In this way, I want to use the meditative experience, in which silence and space is created, allowing the sound of the chakra stimulator exercises to enter and stimulate the chakras and their energy flow. In this way, the mind does not need to actively think about the stimulation in order to drive it. The sound experience is designed to do the stimulation, while the mind is left free to allow for the creation of space and silence.

By looking at the sidebar on the right, one can select the Wayfarer meditations album for playback to try out these meditation aids.

Meditation – What it is as a Form of Focused Consciousness

March 20, 2014 in Liberty, Religion, Spirituality

Meditation is not About Thinking, but Patient Receiving

Meditation is not thinking about things, but rather, it is about pateintly receiving with a quiet mind.

Before offering this overview of what meditation really is, I feel that it is important to clear up a little bit about the vocabulary that is used in this writing. In stating that meditation is a form of focused consciousness, it is important to say that consciousness is one’s awareness as a living being in a real-time state. The word consciousness is overly used these days in a political sense of describing what people are aware of and how they think. This is not a true definition of consciousness, but rather, an intention to define consciousness. Consciousness is an open palette that one filled with one’s own thoughts and what one receives from outside one’s own being. Awareness is a similar word, but is often misused. Once again, it is misused for political reasons. Awareness simply the receiving of thought and knowing that the thought was received. For example, the concept of “alcoholism awareness” really means that one is aware that something defined as alcoholism exists. In current times, however, this is normally thought of as being someone who is willing to advocate on the prevention or correction of an alcohol addiction. While such efforts are noble, it is not really a correct usage of the word. This can be applied to a number of “awareness efforts.” Consciousness, quite similarly, is often thought of as a global or national consciousness in describing what “people think” or what they should think according to some people. The latter is more universally most common. Meditation is an individual experience. It is like just about all of our life experiences. We experience life as individuals and then share notes later.

There are also a number of different practices that are important to one’s pursuit of knowledge. One of these practices is meditation. Meditation is even one of multiple practices of consciousness that are beneficial. Meditation is actually a core practice that allows for the growth and further growth of others. In order to practice meditation, one really needs to know what meditation really is. There is a lot of confusion about meditation and what one actually attempts to do in meditation.

Meditation is a word that is common in our vocabulary, but it is often not talked about in a way that is true to what it really is. On a surface level, meditation is often thought of as a trance. This is actually close to what meditation is. Meditation does require a focused mind, but it’s focus is on what can be described as silence, emptiness, or even nothingness. Many forms of trance actually include a mind that is filled with thought that are related tot he focus of the trance. For example, if one enters a trance with the intention of bringing positive energy to one’s self, then the mind is filled with thoughts and triggers that are focused on positive feelings. Meditation is actually a practice in which the mind is purposely left empty, like an antenna, that is set to receive what comes. Meditation is often times described as a focus on the space within. Focusing on the space within words, the space within sounds in one’s environment, or space within one’s thoughts are all actually attempts to focus on emptiness, nothingness, or silence. It just helps us, sometimes, to try to create a presence in thinking about words or listening to sounds in order to find the empty space in between. In this way, the focus is really on allowing these elements to be in order to create a noticeable open space in time or in thought for focusing on the emptiness in between.

Another misconception is common is to relate meditation with prayer. Prayer and meditation both exist as equally profound practices of focused consciousness. In prayer, one focuses on pre-determined thoughts. These thoughts may be thoughts of hope, items of concerns, and ultimately, a focused connection with the divine. One can pray quite selflessly (and, in fact, honest prayer requires this) for health or any number of positive things. In this way, prayer is an active desire to connect with the divine. Meditation, on the other hand, is a practice in which one chooses to create space for the divine to come in to a space that is created. This is not to say that prayer is any less valid as a focus of consciousness, it is jus to say that prayer and meditation are different.

In creating space for the divine to enter, one can obviously ask what the divine is. That is the whole point of meditation, however, is to create space for the divine to come in and allow it to be and present what it presents. If one is to look at the divine openly and without prejudice, then one needs to allow the space to be created and entered without as little preconception as possible. This is not to say that an entrance of something negative, or something that makes one feel fear, hatred, or anger is invalid. It is actually important for one to engage one’s self in a de-briefing after meditation. Any influences that are not positive or loving are not divine. This is not to say that entrances of the divine always present what we want to feel or receive. It is to say, however, that whatever comes in is not divine if it pushes us in a hate-filled, angry, or fearful direction.

In further writings, there will be more thoughts on some important feelings and scenarios that enter our lives in the pursuit of knowledge, such as fear, and what it really is. At this point, however, the first basic and most beneficial lesson in practicing meditation is to know what it is and to know its importance. The importance of meditation is to explore and to learn about the universe in which we live. This is not to say that general bits of factual knowledge just flow to us in some sense of trivial knowledge. Meditation most commonly presents knowledge to us in the language of the abstract. It requires us to engage in learning a new language that is not a language of words, but rather, experiences. Forthcoming writings will deal with these considerations as they come. What is truly important to understand, however, is that one needs to be one’s own judge in meaning and understanding of abstract communication. It should be known, however, that the interpretation of the abstract is not something that can easily be looked up in a dictionary of dreams and their meanings. Such a dictionary doe snot even really work for dreams. There is advice that experienced Practitioners of meditation that can be offered, but each individual’s journey is different, and each individual will receive knowledge through a different perspective and in a different way in accordance to their own personal awareness. We need to trust ourselves, however, to not lie to ourselves and make interpretations of our experiences that we, at a deeper level, know are not correct. whenever we do not understand what we receive, we must allow ourselves to wait until we do understand.

Wayfarer Farming Goes tot he Mothership Patio Garden

March 20, 2014 in Liberty, Spirituality

Wayfarer Farming – Episode 002

YouTube Preview Image

In this episode, Wayfarer Farming visits a rather large patio garden at the Seigido household. Urban farmer, Illuminada Seigido introduces the viewers to the urban farm that she is growing in her patio. The episode shows some of the challenges faced in South Florida in dealing with insects that damage crops. We talk about some methods that have worked, some methods that have not, and ask for some help with trying to find an organic method for dealing with caterpillars and white flies. We will follow up in future episodes of Wayfarer Farming in testing some organic methods for dealing with these damaging pests. This episode is a rather fun tour, revealing lot of different vegetables that can be grown in a home garden. We have a fun time in this episode and even have a surprise drop-in guest! Ozzy Hernandez from the YouTube series, Don’t Starve, drops by! Ozzy has a YouTube series on cooking interesting, tasty meals in a short amount of time, making life easier and tastier too!

Wayfarer Farming – Episode 001

March 17, 2014 in Liberty, Spirituality

Wayfarer Farming – An Introduction to the Patio Garden

YouTube Preview Image

This is the pilot episode of Wayfarer Farming, a YouTube show that I have decided to start in order to share good growing techniques with others who are involved with gardening and the growing of food. There is a large movement of backyard growers out there that are trying to cope with rising food costs and address their own nutritional needs in a home-grown sort of way. Even in the suburbs, one can do a lot toward saving money on food and growing food that has a lot of nutritional value. Growing food also has a lot of side benefits, such as relaxation, the meditative spending of time, and integration with the basics of life.

In this episode, we introduce our patio garden and give a general overview of our techniques and what we have. Viewers will be able to see how different things pan out over time. Checking out the episodes should help with the exchange of ideas and information to help us all get better and better at growing our own food. If anything, the show will be entertaining and fun to watch for people who are into gardening and growing food.