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About The Wayfarer Project

This is The Wayfarer Project logo with a transparent background. Behind all of Moore’s work is the spirit of the wayfarer, a traveler of old who went out across the land to explore. Whether we transverse great geographical distances in our lifetimes or not, if we choose to explore and learn, we are all wayfarers of the mind and creativity.

The Wayfarer Project was started by Dr. Lawrence W. Moore in 1998 as a outlet for his music, composed under the artist name, Wayfarer. TWP has been expanded to include some of Dr. Moore’s other creative endeavors.

About Wayfarer Music

Wayfarer music is a powerful breed of electronic musical sorcery that will take the listener’s imagination on a journey to a realm where dream and reality become one.

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About Dr. Lawrence W. Moore

Dr. Lawrence W. Moore is an electro-acoustic music composer and multimedia artist who specializes in synthesis, sound design, music for video, and audio engineering.