Wayfarer Thinking Episode 001 Title Screen
July 21, 2020

I Am Wayfarer and I Am Thinking

It has been a long time coming, but it is time for The Wayfarer Project to be rebuilt. Dr. Lawrence W. Moore, alias Wayfarer, is now going to focus on one site and limited social media in order to streamline his content creation so that he he has more time to create content and get it out to the public without having to divide himself into three websites and three sets of various social media accounts.

In the past, Moore has separated out his content for for his different interests. The Wayfarer Project was originally his music site for Wayfarer music releases. He felt that academia would not be so accepting of Wayfarer music, so he started a separate website, eventually called LWM Music, for his academic music. He then divided himself further when he made The Music of Wayfarer a still separate website and devote The Wayfarer Project to everything else.

Bringing it all Together

Now Moore will bring all of his endeavors into one place, his original baby, The Wayfarer Project. Instead of dividing himself up, Dr. Lawrence W. Moore will be Wayfarer and be a composer, multimedia artist, audio engineer, software developer,philosopher, and creative gamer all under one roof.

I Have reached an age now where I no longer feel the need to divide myself up and be different entities for different people. It’s time to be myself and all that I am.

Moore will be restoring much of the content that he has released over the past two decades, and will be creating far more new content. The Wayfarer Project is once again a journey lit by the torches of liberty and free expression on a path to true wisdom. The Wayfarer Project is once again’s Lawrence W. Moore’s journey.

Wayfarer Thinking

This announcement comes with the first, introductory episode of Wayfarer Thinking. This will be a new podcast series where Moore will maintain his personal announcements and thoughts. This series will include topics such as the arts, philosophy, and the pursuit of knowledge with the intent on obtaining true wisdom.