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Wayfarer Sanctuary Album Cover


Sanctuary by Wayfarer is an eclectic variety of genres created primarily in the electronic medium. It is a fantastic journey through life that reminds us that our lives are best lived with creativity and individuality. It is our individual life journeys that we are left with at the end of our lives as the only unique gift we have to offer the universe.


01 – Sanctuary – This is the opening anthem to the Sanctuary album
02 – The Chance – Will you choose to take the easy path with guaranteed success or the more challenging path where you have to take a chance?
03 – The Rage of Love – When passion flows through the veins and honest love lights the way, one embarks on a flight of fancy like no other.
04 – Dreams of Fall – It is in the autumn that we are struck by the ghost of memory and the question of what might have been.
05 – Prayer Dance – A mystical ritual that calls upon spirits to become present in our world from a distant place on a non-physical plane.
06 – Desert Love – In the desert, the barren wilderness provides for some rather purifying experiences.
07 – Inner Harbor – We each have a sensitive area that we keep from others. The heart can be strong, but it can also be very fragile.
08 – Hope for the Lost Tribe – There is always hope that one who is lost will find home at some point int he journey.
09 – For the Love of Her – In the garden of Even, Adam chose to spend a life and an entire journey of mankind with Eve out of love.
10 – Sanctuary Opened – Once one’s inner sanctum is open, the life story can be told and the experience joins that of all humanity in the great beyond


  • Acoustic & Electric Guitar: Bradley Hinton
  • Electronic Instruments and Saxophone: Lawrence W. Moore
  • Shroud images on album cover: Claudia Garcia Calderon


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